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Have a look through the letters we've received and learn more about the lives of pilots nearby and overseas - from Flight College Students, Ramp Assistants, Dispatchers, Beaver Floatplane Pilots, Helicopter Pilots, Dash 8 First Officers, Boeing 767 Relief Pilots, Boeing 737NG and 777 Captains, to Airbus A340 Captains.

The letters are organized into sections below. Select the area you are interested in, or scroll down to see all of the letters.

Pilots in Training
Position Hours Gender Age Location
Glider Pilot14F16 Victoria
New Pilot in Auz100M19 Perth, AUS
Flight College Student100M18 Kitchener, ON
New Student50M17 Auckland, NZ
Dutch Pilot in the Making200M22 Netherlands
Commercial Pilot on the Way85M27 Grande Prairie, AB
Non-Flying Positions
Position Hours Gender Age Location
ATC Tower Controller1500M40 Vancouver
Dock Attendant200M25 Vancouver
Ramp Crew210M24 Hay River, NWT
Refueler250M30 Vancouver, BC
Flight Instructors
Position Hours Gender Age Location
Class IV Flight Instructor600M24 Springbank
Airbus 320 Instructor10200M39 Vancouver, BC
Flight Instructor1000 hrM32 Toronto
Class II Flight Instructor2200F28 Delta, BC, CANADA
Float Pilots
Position Hours Gender Age Location
Grumman Goose Driver5000M37 Port Hardy, BC
Air Tanker Bird Dog Pilot7500M38 Western Canada
C206F Float Pilot1600M23 SiouxLookout,ON
Beaver Floatplane Pilot1725M27 Armstrong, ON
Mustering Pilot - C172380M20 Mount Isa, AUS
DHC6F First Officer3300M28 Vancouver, BC
DHC2 Beaver Pilot2100M26 Lake Union, Seattle
Charter/Medivac Pilots
Position Hours Gender Age Location
C182/206 Skydive Pilot800M27 Edmonton
Cessna 310 Charter Pilot1400M24 Southern Ontario
PA31 Navajo Captain3500M35 Thompson,MB
PC-12 First Officer1100F27 Boundary Bay,BC
King Air 200 Medivac Pilot3500M27 Grande Prairie,AB
Corp./Medivac Learjet Pilot3900M32 Vancouver,BC
King Air 200 Medevac Pilot2100M31 Timmins, ON
BAe31 Jetstream Pilot3600M30 Toronto,ON
PA34 Training Captain2,600M33 Brazil
Aerial Tour Pilot450M25 Niagara on the Lake
King Air Captain1800F31 Calgary
PA31/PA34 Charter Pilot4500M44 George, South Africa
Kiwi DHC6 Twin Otter FO2650M39 Solomon Islands/PNG
Corporate Jet Pilots
Position Hours Gender Age Location
Hawker 400 Captain6500M37 Munich, Germany
Astra SPX Corporate Pilot5200M31 Toronto
LearJet 35 First Officer3400M37 KPDX - Portland OR
Citation XLS First Officer330023M Near SFO
Night Cargo Pilots
Position Hours Gender Age Location
B727 Second Officer2500M27 Hamilton,ON
Falcon 20 Jet Captain5300M32 Calgary, AB
Falcon 20 Jet F/O3500M30 Ottawa, ON
Military Pilots
Position Hours Gender Age Location
C130 Aircraft Commander3200M31 Winnipeg,MB
Airline Pilots
Position Hours Gender Age Location
Air Canada Boeing 767 RP6000M30 Vancouver,BC
WestJet Boeing 737-200 F/O6000M36 Calgary
Dash 8 Captain - East Coast5300M34 Halifax, NS
CRJ200 First Officer6000M33 Toronto,ON
Airbus 320 Instructor10200M39 Vancouver,BC
Dash 8 First Officer4,500M39 Victoria, BC
Monarch A320/321/330 FO8500M35 London Gatwick
Atlas B747-400 Cargo F/O9000M35 London Stansted
Dash 8 Training Capt10000M40 Sydney, AUS
B744 First Officer5800M30 Kuala Lumpur
easyJet B737 Captain7000M33 Liverpool
B757 First Officer2000M32 London Gatwick
AC Jazz CRJ705 First Officer5600M33 Toronto, Canada
Air Canada EMB175 FO7000F36 Toronto
WestJet B737NG First Officer6000M28 Calgary
CMA Beech 1900D FO3000M30 Vancouver, BC
Boeing 737NG Captain8500M38 Melbourne, AUS
Thomascook B757 F/O6000M36 Manchester, UK
GOL B737NG Captain12000M39 Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
B737 F/O1700 hrM23 Athens, Greece
Ryanair B737NG First Officer1300M33 Genoa, Spain
Expat Pilots Overseas
Position Hours Gender Age Location
B777 Captain in UAE9500M38 Dubai, UAE
Dash 8 Captain7000M35 Valencia, Spain
Twin Otter & BN2 Captain1500M28 Maldives
BN2 Islander Captain3000M32 The Caribbean
Boeing 777 Captain10000M43 Singapore
Cessna Caravan Captain2500M23 Belize
Pilot in the BVI~s2000M27 Caribbean
Cathay B747 Second Officer2800M31 Hong Kong
Ryanair B737-800 Captain6300M32 Stockholm, SWE
B737-700 First Officer9000M39 Dhahran, Saudi
DHC6 TwinOtter Captain5000M29 Mombasa, Kenya
Swedish Airbus 340-500 F/O7000M37 Dubai
Twin Otter Floatplane Pilot2400M26 Maldives
B737-200F First Officer2500M27 KL, Malaysia
Embraer 170 Captain8500M35 Hong Kong
EMB110 Bandeirante F/O800M24 Papau New Guinea
DHC6 Twin Otter Pilot7000M33 Luanda, Angola
First Officer King Air/19001000M23 Mali, West Africa
A320 DEC Captain13000M50 Kuala Lumpur
A320 DEC Captain13000M50 Kuala Lumpur
Pilots in USA
Position Hours Gender Age Location
PA31 Navajo Captain2400M27 Phoenix, AZ
A320 First Officer5300M35 Chicago, IL
CRJ200 Captain5000M34 Atlanta, GA
Pinnacle CRJ200 FO1700Male24 Minneapolis, MN
B737 First Officer3450F43 Myrtle Beach, SC
Cathay Cargo B747-400 F/O7500M34 Los Angeles
PA46T Malibu Pilot2000M31 Bellingham, WA
PA31 Piper Navajo Pilot1000M44 New York
Dash 8 Captain - Mesa Airlines5000M33 Phoenix, AZ
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