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Air Carrier Radio Callsigns


Radio Callsigns
'Air Baffin'Smooth Air CharterCANADA
'Air Bravo'Air Bravo Corp.CANADA
'Air Canada'Air CanadaCANADA
'Air North'Air NorthCANADA
'Air Sprint'AirSprint Inc.CANADA
'Air Transat'Air TransatCANADA
'Aklak'Aklak AirCANADA
'Bearskin'Bearskin AirlinesCANADA
'Black Fly'North Star Air Ltd.CANADA
'Blizzard'Keewatin Air / Kivalliq AirCANADA
'Boomerang'Image Air Charter Inc.CANADA
'Borek'Kenn Borek Air Ltd.CANADA
'Buffalo'Buffalo Airways (incl. Floats)CANADA
'Calmair'Calm Air International LPCANADA
'CanWest'Canwest AirCANADA
'CargoJet'Cargojet Airways Ltd.CANADA
'Chartright'Chartright Air GroupCANADA
'Chinook'Sunwest AviationCANADA
'Cree'Air Creebec Inc.CANADA
'Eclipse'Carson AirCANADA
'Empress'Canadian NorthCANADA
'First Air'First AirCANADA
'Flair'Flair AirlinesCANADA
'Flightcraft'KF AerospaceCANADA
'Georgian'Air GeorgianCANADA
'Glacier'Central Mountain AirCANADA
'Goose'Northern Skies Air Service Ltd.CANADA
'Helijet'Helijet International Inc.CANADA
'Inuit'Air InuitCANADA
'Jazz'Jazz Aviation LPCANADA
'Jet Sun'Suncor Energy Inc.CANADA
'Lifeguard'Saskatchewan Air AmbulanceCANADA
'Maple'Sky Regional Airlines, Inc.CANADA
'Max'Max-Aviation / CargairCANADA
'Morningstar'Morningstar Air Express LimitedCANADA
'Nakina'Nakina Air Service (incl. Floats)CANADA
'Nanuk'Strait AirCANADA
'Needle'Chrono AviationCANADA
'North Cariboo'North Cariboo AirCANADA
'North Link'Northern Air Charter Inc.CANADA
'NorthWright'North-Wright AirwaysCANADA
'PartnerJet'Partner Jet Inc.CANADA
'Pascan'PASCAN Aviation Inc.CANADA
'Pasco'Pacific Coastal AirlinesCANADA
'Perimeter'Perimeter Aviation LPCANADA
'Polar Bear'Fast Air / Vanguard Air CareCANADA
'Polaris'Northwestern Air LeaseCANADA
'Porter'Porter Airlines Inc.CANADA
'Propair'Propair Inc.CANADA
'Provincial'PAL AirlinesCANADA
'Pulse'ORNGE Transport MedicineCANADA
'rouge'Air CanadaCANADA
'Skylink'SkyLink Express Inc.CANADA
'Stampede'Air Partners Corp.CANADA
'Starlink'Starlink AviationCANADA
'Summit'Summit AirCANADA
'Sunwing'Sunwing AirlinesCANADA
'Syncrude'Syncrude Canada Ltd.CANADA
'Thunder'Thunder Airlines Ltd.CANADA
'Thunderbird'Northern Thunderbird AirCANADA
'Tindi'Air Tindi (incl. Floats)CANADA
'TransCanada'R1 AirlinesCANADA
'Transport'Transport CanadaCANADA
'Transwest'Transwest Air (incl. Floats)CANADA
'Voyageur'Voyageur AirwaysCANADA
'Wabusk'Wabusk AirCANADA
'Wasaya'Wasaya Airways LPCANADA
'WestJet'WestJet AirlinesCANADA
'Westwind'West Wind AviationCANADA
Do you know of a callsign that we are missing? If so, contact us and send the information in. One way to accomplish this is to find the Air Carrier within our Search by Region section, and then provide their respective callsign within the carrier's Update Box. Thank you for your help.
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