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Air Carrier Radio Callsigns


Radio Callsigns
'Air Blue'airBlue (Pakistan)ASIA
'Air Bridge Cargo 'AirBridgeCargoASIA
'Air Busan'Air BusanASIA
'Air China'Air ChinaASIA
'Air China Freight'Air China CargoASIA
'Air India'Air IndiaASIA
'Air Japan'Air JapanASIA
'Air Juneyao'Juneyao AirlinesASIA
'Air Macau'Air MacauASIA
'Air Peach'PeachASIA
'Air Phil'PAL ExpressASIA
'Air Spring'Spring AirlinesASIA
'Alfa Wing'ANA WingsASIA
'All Nippon'ANA All Nippon AirwaysASIA
'All Nippon'Air JapanASIA
'Ariana'Ariana Afghan AirlinesASIA
'Astana Line'Air AstanaASIA
'Bangkok Air'Bangkok AirASIA
'Bangla Star'US-Bangla AirlinesASIA
'Bangladesh'BIMAN Bangladesh AirlinesASIA
'Bauhinia'Hong Kong AirlinesASIA
'Big Bird'NokScoot AirlinesASIA
'Blue Jay'Cebu PacificASIA
'Brunei'Royal Brunei AirlinesASIA
'Buddha Air'Buddha Air Pvt. LtdASIA
'Cambo'JC International AirlinesASIA
'Cathay'Cathay Pacific AirwaysASIA
'Cebu'Cebu PacificASIA
'China Dragon'Tianjin AirlinesASIA
'China Eastern'China Eastern AirlinesASIA
'China Post'China Postal AirlinesASIA
'China Southern'China Southern AirlinesASIA
'Deer Jet'Beijing Capital AirlinesASIA
'Dongbei Air'Hebei AirlinesASIA
'Donghai Air'Donghai AirlinesASIA
'Dragon'Cathay DragonASIA
'Dynasty'China Airlines (Taiwan)ASIA
'Eastar'Eastar JetASIA
'Eva'Eva AirASIA
'Express India'Air India ExpressASIA
'Far Eastern'Far Eastern Air TransportASIA
'Go Air'GoAirASIA
'Hainan'Hainan AirlinesASIA
'Himalaya'Himalaya AirlinesASIA
'Hong Kong Shuttle'HK ExpressASIA
'Hum'Trans Maldivian Airways (Floats)ASIA
'Ibex'Ibex AirlinesASIA
'i-fly'IndiGo AirlinesASIA
'Indonesia'Garuda IndonesiaASIA
'Jeju Air'Jeju AirASIA
'Jet Airways'Jet Airways / JetliteASIA
'Jetstar Asia'Jetstar AsiaASIA
'Jey Spring'Spring Airlines JapanASIA
'Jin Air'JinairASIA
'Jingxui'Chengdu AirlinesASIA
'Kalstar'Kalstar AviationASIA
'Korean Air'Korean AirASIA
'Lao'Lao AirlinesASIA
'Lianhang'China United AirlinesASIA
'Lion Inter'Lion AirASIA
'Loulan'Urumqi AirASIA
'Lucky Air'Yunnan Lucky Air LLCASIA
'Magnum Air'SkyJet AirlinesASIA
'Malaysian'Malaysia AirlinesASIA
'Malindoair'Malindo AirASIA
'Mandarin'Mandarin AirlinesASIA
'Mentari'Thai Lion AirASIA
'NAM AIR'Sriwijaya Airlines / NAM AirASIA
'Novo Air'NovoAir - BangladeshASIA
'Orient Thai'Orient Thai AirlinesASIA
'Pacific Express'Jetstar Pacific (Vietnam)ASIA
'Pakistan'Pakistan International AirlinesASIA
'Philippine'Philippine AirlinesASIA
'Quik Lift'Quikjet Cargo AirlinesASIA
'Red Cap'Air Asia Malaysia / Air Asia XASIA
'Republic'RPX Republic Express AirlinesASIA
'Royal Bhutan'Druk AirASIA
'Royal Nepal'Nepal AirlinesASIA
'Seair'South East Asian Airlines / SEAIRASIA
'Shandong'Shandong AirlinesASIA
'Shanghai Air'Shanghai AirlinesASIA
'Shenzen'Shenzhen Airlines / Kunpeng AirlinesASIA
'Shun Feng'SF AirlinesASIA
'Sichuan'Sichuan AirlinesASIA
'Silk Air'Silk AirASIA
'Silk West'Silk Way West AirlinesASIA
'Singapore'Singapore AirlinesASIA
'Sing-Cargo'Singapore Airlines CargoASIA
'Sky Angkor Airlines'Sky Angkor AirlinesASIA
'Skymark'Skymark AirlinesASIA
'Smart Cat'Tigerair - TaiwanASIA
'Somon Air'Somon AirASIA
'SREE-WEE-JAYA'Sriwijaya Airlines / NAM AirASIA
'Sri Lankan'Sri Lankan AirlinesASIA
'Super Green'CitilinkASIA
'Thai'Thai AirwaysASIA
'Thai Biz'Business AirASIA
'Trans Jade'9 AirASIA
'Trans Voyager'AirSWIFTASIA
'Transmile'Transmile Air ServicesASIA
'Trilines'Tri-M.G Intra Asia AirlinesASIA
'Tway Air'Tway AirASIA
'Valuair'Jetstar AsiaASIA
'Vanilla'Vanilla AirASIA
'Vietnam'Vietnam AirlinesASIA
'Virgo'NewGen AirwaysASIA
'West China'West AirASIA
'Wings Abadi'Wings AirASIA
'Xanadu'Air Asia Malaysia / Air Asia XASIA
'Xiamen Air'Xiamen AirlinesASIA
'Yangtze River'Suparna AirlinesASIA
'Yeti'Yeti AirlinesASIA
'Zest'AirAsia PhilippinesASIA
Do you know of a callsign that we are missing? If so, contact us and send the information in. One way to accomplish this is to find the Air Carrier within our Search by Region section, and then provide their respective callsign within the carrier's Update Box. Thank you for your help.
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