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Air Carrier Radio Callsigns


Radio Callsigns
'Air Cairo'Air CairoMENA
'Amiri'Amiri FlightMENA
'Arab Wings'Arab Wings (Jordan)MENA
'Arabia'Air ArabiaMENA
'Aseman'Iran Aseman AirlinesMENA
'Cedar Jet'Middle East Airlines - MEAMENA
'Dubai'Dubai Air WingMENA
'Emirates'Emirates AirlineMENA
'Emjet'Empire AviationMENA
'Etihad'Etihad AirwaysMENA
'Felix'Felix AirwaysMENA
'Gulf Air'Gulf AirMENA
'Iran Air'Iran AirMENA
'Iran Air Tour'Iran AirtourMENA
'Jazeera'Jazeera AirwaysMENA
'Jordan Aviation'Jordan AviationMENA
'Jordanian'Royal JordanianMENA
'Kish Air'Kish AirlinesMENA
'Kuwaiti'Kuwait AirwaysMENA
'Libyan Wings'Libyan WingsMENA
'Mahan Air'Mahan AirlineMENA
'Midjet'ExecuJet Middle EastMENA
'NAS Express'flynasMENA
'Nile Bird'Nile AirMENA
'Oman Air'Oman AirMENA
'Q REX'Qatar ExecutiveMENA
'Qatari'Qatar AirwaysMENA
'Qeshm Air'Qeshm AirlinesMENA
'Royal Jet'Royal Jet GroupMENA
'Saudi Gold'SaudiGulf AirlinesMENA
'Saudia'Saudi Arabian AirlinesMENA
'Sky Dubai'flydubaiMENA
'Smart Aviation'Smart AviationMENA
'Star Charter'Alpha Star AviationMENA
'Sultan'The Presidential Flight - Abu DhabiMENA
'Syrian'Syrian AirMENA
'Zagros'Zagros AirlinesMENA
Do you know of a callsign that we are missing? If so, contact us and send the information in. One way to accomplish this is to find the Air Carrier within our Search by Region section, and then provide their respective callsign within the carrier's Update Box. Thank you for your help.
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