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Air Carriers
ACASSAccepting AppsOnline Application
AFS Aerial Photography Inc.
Air Bravo Corp.Hiring!Online Application
Air Creebec Inc.
Air Express Ontario Inc.
Air Georgian
Air Kipawa / Air Swisha (Floats)Accepting Apps
Airborne Sensing Corporation - ASC
Air-Dale Flying Service Ltd. (Floats)
AirSprint Inc.Accepting Apps
Bamaji Air Inc. (Floats)
Barrick Gold Aviation
Bearskin AirlinesAccepting AppsOnline Application
Cameron Air
Canadian Fly In FishingHiring!
Cargojet Airways Ltd.Hiring!
Centaero Aviation Ltd.
Central North Airways
CGGPilot Layoffs
Chartright Air Group
Cochrane Air Services Ltd. (Floats)
D.B. Air
Elmhirst Vacation Air Ltd. (Floats)
Esnagami Wilderness Lodge (Floats)
Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
Excellent Adventures (Floats)
Flair AirlinesExpandingOnline Application
FlightexecAccepting Apps
Flightpath Charter Airways
Forde Lake Air Service (Floats)
Fort Frances Sportsman Outfitters (Floats)
Fox FlightOnline Application
Gananoque Sport Parachuting Centre
Georgian Bay Airways (Floats)Hiring!
Geotech Limited
Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Inc.
Green Airways Ltd. (Floats)
Hawk Air Fly-In Vacations (Floats)
Hearst Air Service (Floats)
Huron Air & Outfitters (Floats)
Ignace Airways Ltd. (Floats)
Image Air Charter Inc.
Jet Edge International
Jet Share Aviation Inc.Accepting Apps
Jetport Inc.Accepting Apps
KaBeeLo Airways Ltd. (Floats)
Kashabowie Outposts
KayAir Service & Outposts (Floats)
Lac Seul Airways Ltd. (Floats)
Lakeland Airways Ltd. (Floats)
Latitude Air Ambulance
Lauzon Aviation Co. Limited (Floats)
Leuenberger Air Service (Floats)
MAG Aerospace CanadaAccepting Apps
Magna International Inc.
Mattice Lake Outfitters (Floats)
Morningstar Air Express Limited
Nakina Air Service (incl. Floats)
Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts (Floats)
Niagara Skydive Centre Inc.
North Star Air Ltd.Hiring!
Northern Air Solutions - NAS
Northern Skies Air Service Ltd.
Northwest Flying Inc. (Floats)
Ontario - MNR Aviation
ORNGE Transport Medicine
Pace Aviation
Parachute School of Toronto - PSTAccepting Apps
Partner Jet Inc.Accepting Apps
Perimeter Aviation LPAccepting AppsOnline Application
Pipestone Air
Presidential Air
Private Air
River Air (Floats)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Rusty Myer's Flying Service (Floats)Accepting Apps
Sander Geophysics - SGLAccepting Apps
Sandy Lake Seaplane ServiceAccepting Apps
Sapawe Air Limited (Floats)Hiring!
Showalter's Fly In Service (Floats)
SkyCare Air AmbulanceAccepting Apps
Skycharter Limited
Skydive Burnaby
Skydive Gananoque
Skydive SWOOP
SkyLink Express Inc.Hiring!
Slate Falls Airways (incl. Floats)
Smooth Air CharterAccepting Apps
Starlink AviationAccepting AppsOnline Application
Sudbury Aviation Ltd. (Floats)
Superior Airways
The Stronach Group
Thunder Airlines Ltd.
Thunderhook Camps Inc. (Floats)Accepting Apps
Trans Capital Air Ltd.
Transport CanadaHiring!
UYJ Aviation
Vector Air
Viking Outpost Air (Floats)Hiring!
Voyageur Airways
Wabakimi Air
Wabusk AirAccepting Apps
Walmart Canada Corp.
Wasaya Airways LPHiring!Online Application
Waterloo Aviation Corp.
Watson's Skyways (Floats)
Weagamow Air
White River Air
Wilderness Air Ltd. (Floats)
Wilderness North Air
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