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Air Carrier Information – Europe
UK / IRE:_ Airlines + Charter Airlines EAST/EUR: Airlines + Charter Airlines
UK / IRE:_ Regional Turboprops + RJ Jets EAST/EUR: Regional Turboprops + RJ Jets
UK / IRE:_ Corporate Jet Operators EAST/EUR: Corporate Jet Operators
UK / IRE:_ All-Cargo Operators EAST/EUR: Small Turboprops etc.
UK / IRE:_ Small Turboprops etc. EAST/EUR: All Cargo Operators
UK / IRE:_ Helicopters EAST/EUR: Helicopter Operators
WEST/EUR: Airlines + Charter Airlines Scandinavian Airlines + Charter Airlines
WEST/EUR: Regional Turboprops + RJ Jets Scandinavian Regional Turboprops + RJ Jets
WEST/EUR: Corporate Jet Operators Scandinavian Corporate Jet Operators
WEST/EUR: All-Cargo Operators Scandinavian All-Cargo Operators
WEST/EUR: Small Turboprops etc. Scandinavian Small Turboprops etc.
WEST/EUR: Helicopter Operators Helicopter Operators