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Pilot Interview Preperation via Skype

Cathay Pacific's new A350-900XWB on departure.

"Easily the best course I have taken over my flying career! Thanks PCC"!

At your Interview: you have 30 - 60 Minutes to make a great impression!

Doing a PCC Interview Prep prior to your interview may be the best decision you make in your career.

The PCC Interview Prep Team has been conducting Mock Interview Preps for over 15 years. We have successfully helped hundreds of pilots reach their dreams; including Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Ryanair, easyJet, Air Canada, Etihad Airways, Jazz Air, NetJets, WestJet, Porter Airlines, Air Transat, Qatar Airways, Alliance Airlines (AUS), flydubai, Air Hong Kong, other local/regional airlines, and various Charter/Corporate Carriers.

Our success rate remains well above 90% – we take our clients and their flying careers seriously!

The PCC Team takes a great deal of pride in our Interview Prep Service for Pilots. We work tirelessly with our clients to place them at the TOP of their interview class! Knowing the questions can be important, but your answers can make or break your career!

How it works:

  • Contact us today through email and include an attachment of your Pilot-CV/Resume.
  • In your email, provide us with your interview details and info on your current job/type.
  • Also let us know if you are familiar with Skype Internet Phone and its free download.
  • You will then be contacted with options for the prep date and time.
  • Once your Interview Prep Session is scheduled, purchase the prep through the table below:
Prepare for Take Off /// Excel at your Interview with the help of the PCC Team
3.5+ hour Airline Interview Prep Service $395 / €320
Buy NowBuy
2+ hour Small Charter Interview Prep Service $250 / €200
Buy NowBuy
4+ hour Cathay Pacific Interview Prep Service $400 / €350
Buy NowBuy
4+ hour Qatar Interview Prep Service $400 / €350
Buy NowBuy

Our Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways Interiew Preps include a great deal of Technical Study Notes and Recent Question Lists to be emailed to our paid Skype Interview Prep Clients well ahead of their indepth PCC Mock Interview Sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you use Skype?

We find Skype to be an amazing technology and feel it is perfect for long conversations like our Mock Interviews. We also love the fact that it is completely free to download, and free to use between two skype users. The best part though, is it allows both parties to be free from holding a receiver to your ear for hours and hours. And because of that, it allows both users to take notes freely when need be. If you have never used skype, download it now. It is amazing and before you know it you will be in touch with old friends and families overseas.

Do I need a video cam set up with my Skype?

No not at all. We do not use Video Chat for our Mock Interviews. Instead it is simply headset to headset conversation over skype. Sometimes the cameras (if installed) automatically turn on when a Skype meeting starts. We instantly turn that off because it can be a distraction – and we always have a lot of material to cover – in other words we don't have time for any distractions.

I don't have internet in my location, can we do the prep over the phone instead?

Yes of course. We can do the prep with a regular landline phone. It will be tougher for you to take notes though, so if by chance you have a headset that connects to your phone line, that would be preferable. But if need be, we can do the prep over the standard phone handset – like we original did in years past. But as we mentioned before, we find Skype Internet Phone (with headset and mic) to be by far the best option.

How do I download Skype?

Easily. Go to skype.com and look for 'Free Download'. If you have any questions re setting up your username, adding contacts, getting the program running, .... by all means email us. It is quite simple and easy to use. Once you are set up, you will be amazed by how easy it really is!

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Swiss Airbus A220 awaiting Take Off Clearance
Swiss Airbus A220 awaiting Take Off Clearance